Layout of the industrial boiler E-50

Production time - 4 months
Size of the layout - 1000 x 1000 x 1100 mm.
Scale - 1:15
Team - 5 people

General description of the project.

An industrial boiler is needed to produce superheated steam under pressure. This steam is used by enterprises of various industries for heat supply, hot water supply or for generating electric energy. Our specialists made a model of such boiler for the museum of the Belenergomash plant.

Features of the project.

The boiler itself is a complex of three-dimensional structure made of metal pipes and profiles. This creates additional complexity both when assembling the layout and when electrifying it. But it didn't seem enough for us, and we decided (in agreement with the customer) to show the boiler in the section, so that everyone can look inside and find out how it is tripled there. In the production of the layout, we used both modern 3D modeling and printing technologies, as well as classical technologies for manufacturing plastic parts by hand. The highlight of the layout was the backlight. All working platforms of the boiler are illuminated and dynamic illumination of burners is made.