Layout "Gingerbread fairy tale"

Production time - 4 months
The layout area is 2.1 sq.m.
Scale - 1:20 ~ 1:100
Team - 10 people

Description of the project.

In 2021, our specialists made a layout for Pokrovsky Gingerbread LLC. The layout is based on Russian fairy tales, and some of the objects are stylized as gingerbread dough products. Thematically, the layout is divided into sectors, each of which has its own characters and genre scenes. There are forests, fields, lakes, a gingerbread village, a fair. Festivities, harvesting, etc. are shown. The peculiarity of this project was that the images of all fairy-tale characters were developed and embodied by our artists.


There are 2 interactive buttons and a backlight on the layout.

The layout was delivered and mounted on the customer's premises by our specialists.