Layout of the KVART production site

Production time - 5 months
The layout area is 2.6 sq.m .
Scale - 1:160
Team - 15 people 

General description of the project

The layout shows a variety of technical structures: automobile and railway filling plants, tanks of various volumes, pipelines, warehouses for raw materials and finished products, lightning rods, lighting masts. Genre scenes show the daily life of the enterprise: a team of installers lays a new pipe wire, welders assemble metal structures, loaders transport cargo, etc.

Features of the project

The layout is equipped with illumination: more than 300 light points allow you to see how the company looks at night. An operating railway is mounted on the layout, along which a diesel locomotive delivers tanks with chemicals for production and wagons for the export of finished products. We couldn't resist and made a functioning highway on the layout as well.  Also 2 miniature trucks painted in the customer's corporate colors are driving across the layout.