Layout in the Museum of the history of the Obukhov plant

Construction time - 6 months
The layout area - 13.5 sq.m.
Scale - 1:87
Team -30 people

General description of the project.

An interactive layout of the pre-revolutionary Obukhov plant was created in 2018 for the 155th anniversary of the Obukhov Plant. The layout recreates the image of the plant at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. According to the layout, you can study the work of the plant: materials are brought to the workshops and finished products are taken away by steam locomotives, the pipes of the foundry are smoking. Cranes are working on the Neva, the Aurora is moored near the shore, the tools for which were made at this plant. In addition to the layout of the plant itself, we also made a model of the water-lifting tower at the Bessemer furnace of the Obukhov plant. The layout is made in a section, inside shows a unique water-lifting mechanism by engineer M.M.Borodatov.


An almost fully automated vehicle movement system that requires intervention only at the time of activation. More than 20 meters of railway track and 10 switches. 3 modes of operation of interactive buttons.